Africa's most fabulous places you should visit

With all its mysterious treasures, from ancient temples and pyramids of Egypt to an impressing wildlife and stunning natural wonders, the continent of Africa may be the place for the most interesting journey of your lifetime. Coming from another continent, Africa will appear like a totally different world, with a very well preserved nature and historical sites you won't see anywhere else. However, let's see which are the best places you should not miss during your vacation in Africa.

Tanzania is a very popular destination due to the great and diversified landmarks you can visit here.
 âŒ˜ Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m), is with no doubt a must-see attraction of the continent. The highest point of the mountain, Uhuru, is accessible to anyone who is moderately fit, so it would be a pity if you don't climb up. The view is breathtaking from there and you will pass through a variety of ecosystems: the arctic area above the alpine desert, the rugged heathland and a rain forest. The region around the mountain is also very popular since you find there wildlife parks and reserves.
 âŒ˜ Ngorongoro Crater is another stunning natural wonder that is worth visiting. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site, the world's largest volcanic caldera formed after a powerful eruption millions of years ago. The area is perfect for an adventurous safari, you will see lions, zebras, cheetahs and giraffes and you will be able to enjoy the best views.
 âŒ˜ Pembla and Mafia Islands are great for a relaxing break or if you want to snorkel and dive. Mafia Marine Park has excellent coral gardens and abundant varieties of fish. Zanzibar Beaches are major holiday destinations, with surf opportunities, soft white sand and crystal clear waters.               Hotels list in Zanzibar

Egypt shouldn't be missed from your African destinations list.
 âŒ˜ Great Pyramids of Giza are probably the most famous symbol and landmark of Egypt, together with the Sphinx, considered one of the most massive and oldest statues in the world. The Great Pyramid was built from 2.3 million stone blocks, with a weight which equals 590 Eiffel Towers! Visit the Tomb of Pharaoh Cheops and find out the mysterious legends of these landmarks.
 âŒ˜ Valley of the Kings, situated on the west bank of Nile River, became famous after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun and today it is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world.
 âŒ˜ Karnak Temples are the most impressive site of Egypt due to its enormously large sizes. The temples were built across the reigns of 30 pharaohs and just the main temple covers a 23 hectares area, you do want to see this!

Zimbabwe is the home of Victoria Falls, but beside it there are other great places to visit.
 âŒ˜ Victoria Falls, the grandiose waterfall on the border with Zambia, is also called the “smoke that thunders” because of the columns of spray that can be heard and seen from miles away. There is a large variety of wildlife here and many adventure activities to enjoy nearby.
 âŒ˜ The Great Ruins of Zimbabwe are an awesome place to visit, offering an impressing set of ancient stone complexes and a museum that holds the entire story of the ruins and the places nearby.
 âŒ˜ Another landmarks not to miss are Chinhoyi Caves, Zambezi River, Matopos National Park and Lake Kariva. Visit them to complete your amazing experience.

Namibia is famous for its unique natural wonders, let's see where you should go.
 âŒ˜ Sossusvlei Namib Desert, with a crescent of giant red sand dunes, is a gorgeous symbol of the country. The arid isolated nature provides unique landscapes, with a diverse variety of flora and fauna that have adapted to the dry temperatures.
 âŒ˜ Fish River Canyon is the second largest river canyon after the Grand Canyon, being 27 kilometre wide and 550 meter deep. The region is popular for its hiking routes and beautiful wildlife, including zebras, wild horses and colorful birds.
 âŒ˜ For a complete journey, go to see Twyfelfontein, a large concentration of rock engravings, Caprivi Strip, popular for its large population of elephants and Cape Cross, if you want to see fur seals and the large stone cross raised here by the Portuguese explorers in the 15th century.

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