Volunteering for anything is a great thing to do, anyone can join any program they want and can be a part of an amazing team that helps other people or the environment. Combining traveling with a volunteer program might be the best choice one can make. Africa is indeed one of the places that needs the most help in this world. There are many issues to be taken care of in some parts of this wonderful continent and numerous volunteering programs are trying to cover them. You can choose any of them, depending on the specific part of Africa that you want to visit and the causes that you care about most. Here are a few examples:

Community volunteering

A lot of beautiful, good people live on those lands but, unfortunately, poverty is stopping them from getting everything they deserve and having a decent life. Because of that, there are numerous community programs that will allow travelers to volunteer as teachers for children, to be part of community healthcare projects, get involved in projects related to certain holidays (Christmas for example), participate in an orphan day care and support program, be a sports coach, support a youth empowerment movement, help a local community develop marketing and business skills in order to promote tourism and many others. All of these activities are a great opportunity for any tourist to develop their communication skills, empathize with all kinds of people, get to know different cultures and realize the importance of certain things. It is a great experience that will enrich your soul more than anything else.

Conservation Volunteering

This type of volunteering allows you to see the wildlife that you will come across in a different way. You will be able to observe certain animals up close, learn more about them and be a part of one of the teams that does its best to protect and help these species survive. A lot of programs are available in this field too, such as dolphin research and marine conservation, horse management, lion conservation, elephant conservation, facilitated research for students, animal care & veterinary impact in a monkey/chimpanzee sanctuary, big cat research, wildlife photography, wildlife orphan care, leopard and predator research and conservation and so on. Knowing that you are contributing to wildlife and nature preservation in parts of the world that really need it gives a very fulfilling sentiment and the world will thank you!


Volunteering in Africa also refers to certain internships. Of course, there is something to learn from any project that you will be a part of, but these internships focus more on teaching you than other volunteering programs. You can gain a lot of knowledge and experience regarding the wildlife through lion conservation internships, horse management internships and underwater research. There are also programs that teach about marketing, graphic design and social media through by actually contributing to the advertising of other programs that are being developed. NGO internships will help you gain practical experience in NGO or charity operations. There are also nursery and horticulture internships, lodge management internships, tourism, hospitality & marketing internships, financial sector internships, healthcare and medical internships and many others to choose from, depending on your preference. You can get involved in anything you want and you will not regret it!

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