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Customized 4×4 Land Cruiser on African Safari

The land cruiser vehicle: all terrain cruiser: African safari cruiser is a type of a car very traveler is opting to use when exploring the beauty of black continent. Minding about the effectiveness of the land cruiser vehicle when used on African safari is so important.

There variety of land cruiser models which one can choose from to use when exploring the best. No land cruiser no safari! This is not a comical say, rather a travel advice. Many vehicle types have been customized for African wildlife, yes, they offer but using a land cruiser safari customized vehicle is exceptional.

The Toyota land cruiser vehicles are popular 4×4 vehicles for comfortable and deluxe travelers. Do you opt for it? Ok match your needs by a superlative choice for that amazing encounter.

Models of the 4X4 Land cruiser

There are various models that have been customized for safari purposes, and traversing through the toughest terrain of the continent one should use among these models which include;

Prado Land Cruiser which ranges from TX, VX, V8, GX, GXL and Land cruiser 70, 76 or 79 series which are customized for African safaris with an extension and built with a high-end offer of comfortably.

The 4×4 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser

Though the 4×4 Toyota Prado land cruiser comes in various models, available for car rental for safaris range from 100 to 120 series, but there is no much difference except the change in the series. Looking through the TX and TZ or GX and V8 you realized that there is no much difference in comfort, reliability and consumption. When searching around for an effective 4×4 safari car rental, considering the Japan made Prado fleets bond in a perfect condition to or beyond your travel expectations, consider renting a 4×4 Prado land cruiser. These model however can range from economy, to high-end users.

The 4×4 Prado Land cruiser have a fuel tank capacity of 90 liters – full tank, regardless of whether gasoline (Petrol) or diesel. With costs considerations diesel is cheaper compared and more powerful to gasoline (Petrol). The type of land cruiser with the engine of about 2700 cc to about 3400 cc engine size the consumption differ, but a full tank can roughly cost about $75 for either engine size and gas type, and this can drive you for about 450km.

The 4×4 Land cruiser extended

These are series of land cruiser hardtop, these series range from land cruiser series 70, 76 and 79 which are later customized to up to 10 seater capacity. The 4×4 land cruiser has proved to be the giant of African adventure cruising throughout, and many travelers have opted not to miss out the chance on the African wildness with such cruisers.

The 4×4 land cruiser extended is designed for high-end travel groups, it’s perfect for game viewing, very comfortable, the toughest for road trips in Africa. The vehicles are available for hire, though it’s sometimes hard to secure one for self-drive journey.

Why a 4×4 land cruiser for Safaris

Perfect wildlife View

Using a 4×4 land cruiser for a safari holiday is an echoing idea as far as memories are concerned. Land cruiser vehicles for safaris are customized with a pop up roof to propose a tremendous game view particularly on a game drive.

Full time 4wheel drive

All the land cruiser types are 4×4 which can cruise throughout all the terrain. There is no reason to worry of any terrain, road conditions or weather conditions as the vehicles can maneuver even through the thought of being hard to go zones.

Comfortable and reliable

Be it a Prado type or an extended, the 4X4 land cruisers are very comfortable and reliable. They mastered the capacity issue as they’re designed with a comforting seating, with enough space for legs as even the seats can be adjusted for more comfort or change of positions for longer journeys. The boot spaces is unlimited to carry wider range of luggage.


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