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Kenya Safari Tours and Mombasa Holidays

Kenya safari tours are absolutely one of the best in the whole of Africa because the country has got many distinctive national parks and reserves with a lot of amazing activities which take place from there such as game drives, game viewing, nature walks, balloon safaris, bird watching, cultural encounters and many others.

Kenya has got the 7th world wonder (Great Wildebeests migration) which is so spectacular especially to visitors who travel to Maasai Mara National Reserve where the great migration takes place from. The great migration is best viewed in July, August, September and October where during this migration, many animals over two million of them are seen accessing the Park from its southern counter Park in Tanzania (Serengeti National Park) and the major migrant animals are the Wildebeests which are over 1.5 million together with Zebras, Antelopes and Gazelles. The park is the best for Kenya safaris and one of the best still in the whole of Africa due the huge number of animals resided in the Park especially during the periods of ‘’great wildebeest migration’’ and in the Park you will also view all Africa’s big five which include; Africa Lions, Elephants, Cape buffaloes, Rhinos and Leopards plus many other wildlife species including the Masai giraffes, antelopes, Cheetahs, Hyenas and others.

Through the Kenya safari tours you will also meet an African park which keeps the largest number of free-ranging elephants in Africa which is called Amboseli National Park resided in Kenya at the borders of Tanzania with views of Africa’s highest Mountain (Mountain Kilimanjaro) which is found in Tanzania and the Mountain has some of its foots in Kenya’s Amboseli. Lake Nakuru National Park worldly known as the best place for viewing the highest number of Flamingos is also situated near Kenya’s capital city (Nairobi) and it is a two hour drive from Nairobi thus to enjoy the beauty of the Park, a safari can be taken in one day and then pop back to the city of Nairobi without even staying in the Park.

Mombasa holidays;

Kenya is a best option to choose for your African safari and Mombasa is one of the best cities famously known for its intoxicating culture, magnificent wildlife and most attractive in the city is its paradisiacal beaches. Holidays in the city are so exceptional and ideal for every traveler either you are after a simple sun, sea and sand escape or even when you are seeking to explore a city.

The city is most known for its pristine, stunning and beautiful white sand beaches such as Shanzu beach, Kikambala beach, Diani beach, Nyali beach and many others of which their tranquility is just unrivalled and the white and soft sands plus the cool waters provide offer a dreamy safari especially when you do swim in the cool waters of the beaches. The beaches are so fantastic overlooking the Indian Ocean and there are a lot of activities participated in while at the beaches of which they include; snorkeling, sky diving, jet skiing and Kite-surfing.

The city also boosts some truly stunning natural sights like the; Ngutuni wildlife conservancy where you can be able to view Buffaloes, Cheetahs, Lions and Elephants; Nguuni wildlife sanctuary, Mombasa Marine National Park to view the marine species such as turtles, starfish and many others plus the migratory bird species and the Park itself is just magnificent plus many other places. The city is made up of an amazing culture including African culture, Arabian culture and the Indian culture thus you will meet the architecture of the above cultures like the Arab architecture and the historic buildings in the city, the UNESCO world heritage site’s yellow-orange hue against the blue skies and the head to the Fort Jesus designed by the Italian architect and wander the onsite museum.

At Wasini Island which can be accessed through transportation of a dhow in order to cross the Lake to the Island, you will spend some time exploring the ancient Swahili ruins and local villages and snorkeling is also there but when you swim or sail, you might spot some dolphins. Hence a Kenya safari tour minus having a Mombasa holiday which absolutely be incomplete and you will not have attained a true Kenya safari tour since the city is so adventurous.

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