Africa as a continent is characterized with different disasters and different unrests which affects it generally in terms of economic growth for different countries, people’s standards of living, Wildlife conservation, fulfilling of different cultural norms of different tribes, and preserving of different other natural attractions like physical features.

Some of these occasional disasters experienced in different African countries include flooding, land slides, lightening, desertification, political unrests like civil wars and more.

These disasters majorly affect the conservation of Wild life affecting Africa’s tourism sector in general since these mentioned problems lead to massive destruction of different habitats, other factors which lead to high diminishing rate of Wildlife in Africa include hunting, poaching, constant disease attacks, failure to respond positively to different Wildlife conservation programs raised and more.

Referring to all the above-mentioned queries, different organizations from different countries of the World including Conservation organizations like World Wildlife fund, peacekeeping organizations like United Nations, Non government organizations and more have come up to support through running different Volunteering programs in different African countries inviting the able to join the trail and support the unable.

Looking out to be a volunteer in Africa but confused on where to start from, join the trail as you head for a Volunteering program with E4P – Africa in the Eastern part of the African continent majorly focusing on the two major exciting Gorilla hosting destinations named Uganda and  Rwanda.